Thursday, December 03, 2009

Raffle Ho!

Ye gad, its been a while since I've been on here! We've been all over for the holidays, then been sick, well, and sick again. We are heading out again soon, (we've got a housesitter you thiefy types!) but I enjoyed being home for the week like one who is about to leave again only can! I got to do some nice cooking in our fully functional and stocked kitchen, and crafting in my stocked and cozy craft (/guest) room! We are missing the daycare fundraiser this weekend, so I guilt crafted this little choker necklace jobber and matching earrings for the raffle. I think they came out rather festive!

Tank Boy and I are off on an exciting train adventure soon, so I'd better get packin!


Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie,
Your festive work reminds me very much of the kind of work my Mom did for years, perhaps she was looking over your shoulder? And the trains out there were so nice when I visited, clean and on time, for me at least. Not like the ones back here, but of course, yours visit so many nice places compared to back east. Let us know where you go (went?) and how it went for you and the Tankster!

Anonymous said...

how was the trip? MB