Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who Put the Douche in Fiduciary?

Despite the fact that doing this feels like amputating a small but mighty part of my very person, I am deleting this blog post to protect the innocent. I am also horrified that our legal system is such that a person must fear to explicitly state her own opinion. I am crying. But I am leaving the title, because I am a fighter, and that's how it goes. Thanks for your kind words of support, I really did need to hear them.


Anonymous said...

Hey there!

Wow, what a puddle stepped in, huh?

Finishing my second year as Parliamentarian for our PTA, I can say that your board there could find itself in lots o' trouble. Especially if they have not been following non-profit rules (which you said there have been some problems with) and following their own by-laws. I hope there is something in place so that the board members cannot be sued for neglect of their fiduciary duties. It sounds like people have severely dropped balls all over.

It's tempting to tell you to get a new day care and run, do not just walk, away from all of this mess. I know you would not want to leave the other parents in the lurch.

I really would at least get my hands on the bylaws and check out election processes and how you are covered against lawsuits yourself as a board member.

I don't know if this helped or not. I hope I didn't make you feel worse. Send me a note on fb is you want to talk more. I send good luck wishes and big hugs (and a big bottle of Excedrin).


Anonymous said...
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Jeni said...
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Jeni said...

Poo, I posted a comment but it isn't showing up! I'll try to re-do... I can related to sleepless nights due to angst for sure - I've had way too many of those lately! (Although for different reasons.) Keep up the good fight, Suze! The people that preferred things the way they were need to accpet reality that that isn't even remotely an option. It's over - and on one hand, thank God, given the financial and legal mess that was created! I agree with your dad - the former "accountant" should be held accountable (easier said than done in a small community). It's a simple fact if informal doesn't work, unfortunately formal will have to be applied - and I can imagine how well THAT'S going over in El Portal. I think you're trying to do the right thing and have my full support! Love you.