Sunday, May 09, 2010

So Frackin' Wholesome!

At one of Tank Boy's potluck preschool classes we planted sunflower seeds, and much to our surprise they actually sprouted!

We haven't had the best of luck once seeds get past the sprout stage, so I decided it would be best to snap some photographic proof while the snapping was good... And yes, I have named them Sunny and Share (get it get it? Sonny n Cher?), 'cause who wouldn't!? (Note: Share is the one missing her two bottom ribs...)

For Mother's Day weekend, I got what all girls want, shelves on which to organize our crafty crap!

Previously this closet was a teetering pile of storage bins that had recently given me quite a thump on the noggin during implement retrieval. The Hubsand was tired of worrying for my life when I went to craft, and took it upon himself to find a structural solution. I'm pretty stoked, all my goodies at arms reach, with no threat to life or limb!

In fact the craft room was so organized that I had to take a few minutes and craft some knitting stitch markers just for myself...
Ooo, pretty pretty beads...

With last week's video of superball madness, I couldn't figure out how to squeeze this in, but aside from running up and down the stairs a half million times, Tank Boy also went on his first REAL mountain bike ride as well.

He did end up "over the bars" once, but hopped right back on and finished the ride with a wee fat lip! I couldn't be more proud!

That's all I got, so we'll be moving on...bye!


sara1smith said...

That's awesome!!! Go Tankster!

Anonymous said...

The rear of your house is BEAUTIFUL! Just watched a special on Cher, so thats timely, didn't know she had the ribs out, but she did have most everything else fixed up! Lee is wonderful, constructing, organizing kinda guy, and let me know how Tankster does going UP the hill!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Sunny be the one with one less rib?---lisa