Saturday, August 21, 2010

In Praise of Deadlines

You will never guess what I finally finished!

It only took me a mere 18 months!

The jury is still out on whether or not it fits The Hubsand, as I had only 15 minutes to spare in getting it to the County Fair committee today, and The Hub was running around getting his photo submission ready as well. So you may notice that the model is distinctly not he. I may also have stayed up until 3 am last night figuring out how to graft and seam the crazy patterns on this thing, but really don't want to admit that in public.

Hey ever wonder what the inside of a cabled sweater looks like?

Kind of a keerapy mirror image of the outside, huh? And notice all those loose ends? With approx 15 balls of yarn in this thing there were approximately 30 of those suckers to weave in on the inside!

Ever wonder what suziehulahoop looks like after a knitting marathon, no shower and little sustenance, while modeling a wooly sweater in 92 degree heat?

Alrighty, time to head back to Knitpicks and get the supplies for the next project!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If its modeling a sweater or just standing there sweating, you look like a beautiful copy of your mother. Although those shorts gotta go! The inside of the sweater does indeed look like an attack of wool eating termites, but I am sure that after the loose ends were woven in, either side will be nice looking and warm for Lee. And are the pics of you taken in front of the house? I thought that small front porch area was so shaggy and cob webby that you couldn't paint it...what has happened there?