Monday, November 14, 2005

Drudgery, Citizenry, and Punk Rockery

Hey bloggy blog, how ya hanging in there? The Hub and I had a very exciting day last Tuesday. Primarily, we finally got the Honda dealer to admit that there was something wonky about the Zippy car's transmission. Essentially, that the jerking and sputtering is not just a fun bonus feature of driving a gas electric hybrid car. Imagine that. So the new tranny is ordered, and will be installed FOR FREE next week. Yay!

While we were entrapped in the antiseptic waiting room at the dealership, we started our online research on California's Special Election referendum(b)s. Good thing too, 'cause some of those things were complex, and we ended up looking at the campaign finance page to see who had what vested interest. But due to the polls being open until 8 pm, we had plenty of time for this research phase, and ended up voting with at least an hour to spare. Yay for citizenship!

And the final event of the day was that I did this.

Or well, I had a very nice, hygienic, punk rock man in Merced do it for me. And now I get to wear yet one more tiny glint of sparklies! I'm a lucky gal. Just don't ask me to blow my nose.

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Karelypants said...

I'm so jealous. I want one!