Friday, November 18, 2005

O Brother, We Were Here!

A little while ago, our leetle, teeny, tiny community cranked out with the coolest Geek Family Activity ever. The Hub and I assembled at Mr. and Mrs. Impetus's house and were joined by Mr. and Mrs. CrazyTalent. (Heretofore to be known as Imp or CrazyT.) After an unhurried degustation of tasty tri-tip tacos, we adjourned to the living room, cum music studio. Misters Imp and CrazyT brought out their guitars, while Mrs. CrazyT brought out her cello, piano skills, lovely voice, and violin-know-how. The rest of us warbled along and added enthusiastic mini percussion to the mix, with an occasional, and semi-successful, foray into the realm of long lost childhood instruments. The two year old was rockin' on the snare drum, and the 10 month old did some mean egg shaking. We sang every song that driver knew. Ooo ooo.

It felt a bit like a pioneer town, where there is no live music to go see, so you'd just better learn to make your own. Its a shame though, with all the time and money our parents spent on violin lessons, flute lessons, and various instruments that we don't retain much of that knowledge. Except, perhaps, that is the root of the deep joy derived from our little music night.

That said, I also have to admit that I came home wildly jealous and inspired, and therefore spent the entire next day at the piano, relearning some folk songs. So I'm set, and ready to go, and barring a case of crippling stage fright, I should be able to hold my own on a few tunes next time. So come on out, and bring your humor, joy, and your pioneer spirit, 'cause there's a jug and some spoons that are in dire need a virtuoso!


Aunt Kathi said...

That sounds like so much fun. Rock on!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let me know and I will search out your violin and or flute amongst the other children and grand-children if you wish! Its never to late to overcome your father's absolute lack of tone, pitch or talent in this area!!