Saturday, July 01, 2006

New Milestones Everyday...

For some reason I am a bit behind here in the Baby News, despite still having Aunt Talley here to cook, clean, and help calm fussy babies. But better late than never, so here's the latest news bulletin from The Hoop Ranch...

The spurting fonts of poo have now turned from green to yellow. I know... the headlines! The critter does have a bit of jaundice (perfectly normal!) that requires daily five minute sunning that we have dubbed doing the "rotisserie". (The midwife popped back over to check the degree of jaundice with this nifty little clear plastic tile with a range of yellows spaced out on it that she presses on the baby's nose, crazy high tech gizmos!) He is also going through a bit of a lizard phase, and is shedding some skin at the joints. Ew.

Nursing is still bracingly painful, but only for the first 20 minutes or so, ha ha,ha, heh. The critter had his first bath with The Hub, and I did take pics, but they are a bit racy for public consumption, sorry. (But I do want to say that The Hub looked HOT all nakeyed up holding his offspring!)

And the piece de resistance... Junior is now in possession of a Big Boy Belly Button and the whole gooey stump idea is a thing of the past! Yay!

I somehow have caught a touch of those Dratted Steinbeck Skitters again, so I am relegated to complete bed rest for a day or two. So pass the remote, and peel me a grape, would ya?


Anonymous said...

Gad, how can Midpines stand it, 2 great lookin' men in your house??? Glad that T could stay a bit longer, and must say his belly button looks great...Jackson's, not Lee's!!
Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Suz and Leeland-He's amazing!!!
Very handsome I must say, can't to hold the little lizard man. Isabella can't wait to pinch and grab her new little boy toy. We will be seeing you all in approx. 10 days (if your not burnt on company that is) Hug and Kisses -Much Love Bella's Mama/Mr.Skoog's sexy bitch