Friday, July 21, 2006

No Visual Aids Today...

Hey Kids! Here's a fun experiment that you can try at home (or at least at my home). First jaunt over to the bathroom and trim your little pinky fingernail down as far as you dare. Then wash your hands real good. Then come pick up my squalling tot and let him suckle said pinky finger with the pad of your finger toward the roof of his mouth. Now what you may notice is that this fierce little (zitty) critter will slurp your finger into his mouth almost to the second knuckle. And he will proceed to not only gum this finger for all he is worth, but also to slowly grate away at the flesh with his gritty little tongue. Now imagine that this tough pinky finger is one of your more delicate parts. Lets just say that breast feeding isn't getting much easier.

I realize that folks are only trying to help when they say "He must not be latched on correctly, take him off and try again." But folks, a) that hurts even worse and b) I have received approval that he is indeed latched on correctly. I have tried everything I can think of from pre-freezing the nipple (fairly painful on its own!) to supplemental B vitamins. Now I don't mean to be a Doubting Thomas, but it is way more of a surprise to me that this process is supposed to somehow NOT hurt, than the fact that I am enduring nipple twisting pain approximately 12 times a day.

So, just wanted to get that offa my (ahem) chest there. Thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

I have a couple of suggestions (if you're willing), as two different things worked for each of my 2 girls; however, I would also like to tell you that it WILL pass - it sure seems like it won't, but the boobs toughen up. 1. Make sure when you take him off your nip to do the "easy" method - that is, break the seal with one of your fingers at the corner of his mouth first, and 2. lanolin. lanolin, lanolin, lanolin. Cream, oil, ANYTHING. It's edible, so you won't harm the wee one - and it goes a LONG way to easing the feel of suck blisters, etc. Hope this helps!

Geana said...

Suzie, I couldn't get it to work out comfortably for me either after 4 weeks of pure hell, I gave up and put my son on the bottle and wow did that feel so much better. I was happier and so was he. I tried again with my 2nd son and again no suck-sess (pardon the pun) I am expecting my 3rd child and I am not going to feel guilted into trying something that I really do NOT want to endure or put the little one through either. I'd rather relax with her and enjoy, not being in pain. Best of luck to you and do what is right for you and your baby. Your awesome and the baby will be perfectly fine what ever you do.
Geana (aka from Team Girls on Top)

Anonymous said...

...and we men don't have to carry a purse, or wear nylons, or use makeup....EITHER!! Who said it wasn't a man's world? Good luck whichever way you go and I hope it improves FAST.

GiGi said...

Even if the nursing doesn't work out, you can always pump and use those wonderful glass bottles. One of my clients had to do that and she said she knew her baby still got the benefits of breastmilk without the agony they both went through trying to nurse. Everything's going to be fine, I promise!