Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Teeny Tiny Inferno

I am so excited! I can't wait any longer to display my recent knitting accomplishment, or as they say in knitblogworld Finished Object!

It is the blenderized version of both this and this.

Try not to look too closely, or you'll find numerous mistakes. And it took a teeny tiny aeon to finish. And I have to admit that it isn't exactly finished, just a few ends to tidy up here...

But yet, its still extremely exciting to see the blob I'd been working on for months finally look like a piece of clothing! Yay!


Sara Smith said...

OMG, that is Soooo cute.

Nice work!!!

Robert said...

very well done, suzie!

Anonymous said... just cut off those hanging threads and knit a pair of socks to match, for Lee!!

Nice work,

Kathleen said...

i love it!
and, no, i hadn't seen this before the sweater was a complete surprise!

liam will be the cutest rockabilly dudelet ever in this i will just have to get him some hair goo.

see you friday! xo