Friday, October 26, 2007

Vacation Smorgasbord

So we were only gone a week and a two days, but looking at these pictures I'm not surprised I'm exhausted! There were many other lovely events not even pictured! Including visits with Lovely Lisa, Mr. Bennett, and the trip out to Grampa's house. And yes, we are each wearing two different outfits at the Faire, as we totally indulged and went TWICE! Yay us! (You may have to let the slide show run through a few times first, for some reason it takes a few tries to get through the whole thing on my computer.) On with the show!

While we were out there Tankster learned two new tricks. One was to give kisses! So cute it almost melted my heart. And the other is the "solo slider" from above, he can now go up the stairs and come down the slide on his own! And then the day after we got back he started feeding himself food out of a bowl with a spoon! So Big! Ok, off to nap. Hope y'all are enjoying your fall almost as much!


Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed the visit, not only at Gramps, but the mixing and playing on Rob and Talley's front lawn and at their park was truly heart warming.
Dad-Gramps, now in the third day of RAIN!

Robert said...

it was wonderful to see you guys too, and equally exhausting! Hope to do it all again soon!

Stephen said...

Hey you!
It was AWESOME running into you all at the RenFest that Sunday! I'm so glad that we finally got to meet Tank and Millie! They are adorable!
Can't wait til our next run-in! (=