Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bears, Bikes, Bums, and Bidding Adieu

A friend of mine sent me this little awareness test thingy. You gotta give it a try and then come on back...

All I gotta say is its a good thing I'm on the bike! And speaking of bicycles, I've got some catching up to do! Two weekends ago I got to go on a girlie's weekend trip, for some road biking in the SF Bay Area. No one was more surprised than I to find out that the plan was to bike 80 miles in two days. 80 frickin miles!

And, unlike some of the other gals, this was pretty much "off the couch" for me. Which makes for a rotten sore bum. AND a great jump start on the bicycling season! So now the bike is out, she's tuned, air filled and ready to go, therefore I've started in on the once a week challenge. (Which I read about somewhere online, but now cannot find for the life o' me.) Anywhoo, I have officially biked to and from work one day a week, for two whole weeks! Woot woot! Its very good motivation to get out the door early, as it has been hitting the 90's here by midmorning. Phew!

And speaking of getting out the door, and therefore leaving, we are facing a sad day tomorrow. Tank Boy's best friend, T Man, is moving across the country. Poor Tankster has no idea what "moving away" means yet.

We love you, T Man and send you off with best wishes but heavy hearts.


Robert said...

The Rocstar collage is really nifty, but how can I look at the stills?

Yay biking!

K8 said...

Ooh, you are far more in shape than I! I just got a bike a couple of weeks ago and 5 miles is still kicking my butt :)

Poor Tank Boy! That's hard for kids to understand.

Sara Smith said...

congrats on the ride, m'dear! my bike-craving heart is just the tiniest bit jealous of your sore bum!
I'm sorry the wee tankster is losing his buddy... that's hard.
lots of love to you guys!

Anonymous said...

What the hell IS a "moonwalking bear"?

Love, Dad (who got the 13 passes at least)