Thursday, June 26, 2008

Out Of My Comfort Zone

Last weekend right as the thunderstorms hit CA, we took Tank Boy camping for the first time. I'm not a big "car camper", I admit, it seems silly to me to drive somewhere relatively close and pretend you don't have a house with a kitchen and a bathroom at your immediate disposal. (Backpacking is different, and so is camping as a cheap method of lodging...) Anywhoo, it was actually quite pleasant (after the quick rain, lightning and thunder passed) as we were camping in a Redwood grove with loads of other families that we knew. And Tank Boy loved it. One of the highlights for him was definitely this:

a lady bug swarm.

I did enjoy this:

and this:

Which was basically sitting on my rump with good friends and knitting. And speaking of knitting, I'm almost finished with this cute girlie sweater for my niece, shown here on a reluctant Tankster...

And backtracking to those thunderstorms, the Hoop family is lookin' into a move. I'm frankly a little freaked out by the fire danger here, the Hoop Ranch quite a ways from the nearest fire hydrant, surrounded by 6 acres of dry grass and brush, and at the top of a steep uncleared ridge. Eeep. We'll keep you posted, but send wet rainy thoughts our way in the mean time. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Cool, never saw a lady bug swarm before! But...when Tankster is about 14, and sees that pic of himself in Millie's sweater, he's gonna be very upset!!

sara smith said...

It's amazing what a big sister does for a toddler's fashion sense... Asher looooves Charlotte's princess shoes, jewely-sparkly things, and her general plethora of "fancy" stuff... but then again he also is totally nuts for trains, which she couldn't care less about. It's pretty funny to see him walking around in her pink and gold jeweled high-heeled shoes though! If only we could all remain so un-self-concious.

Anonymous said...

Hee,hee,hee...Hey Suz, you have it to easy out living in a house backed up to the big wilderness. For some of us, car-camping is all we got! ((=

Glad you enjoyed it after all.

Miss you guys!
Stephen B 2 da way