Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Doing Things And Makin' Stuff...

So the fourth was wonderful here. Well, not here actually, but in Tahoe where we went. We got to stay in our usually rented house for the first time in 5 years or so, which was wonderful, despite the fact that there is no furniture, cooking utensils or other housewares. We got to see bazillions of friends, and their kids, so big and so wee! Tank boy got to go kayaking on Lake Tahoe with his Daddy and got to see his first fireworks, which he loved! (Which started an hour and a half after regular bedtime, eek!)

It all started out rather quietly for me, as The Hub took The Tank up two days earlier in the hybrid, while I logged in another two days at work. The quiet nights at home were a nice treat, taking full advantage I; battered and sauted up some local organic eggplant (yum!), did my new yoga video, and of course knit.

Then I caught the bus, to the train, to another bus, to yet another bus, to finally meet the family Truckee. Though this sounds complicated, it was all really UNstressful, as I was not traveling with a toddler, nor was I having to do the 5 hours of driving. So it was nap and knitville for me!

Truckee then was a whirl of Fourth celebrations (parades, picnics, open houses and lake splashing) and home improvement preparations. (The rental house master bath has been hurtin' for certain for years now.) But the Home Despot delivery should arrive there today and the contractor (slash old mountain biking buddy) starts work tomorrow! Aside from the cranky shouting match I initiated with the husband after wiping out in the Home Depot parking lot, skinning a knee, losing my son's helium balloon and flashing my panties to the general public, it was an awesomely fun AND productive weekend! Hope y'all had just as much fun, but slightly better traction!

Oh! And if you want to enter the easiest contest ever to win some yarn, go give KnittyK8 a book recommendation!


Anonymous said...

Assuming that the "Home Despot" and the Home Depot are the same, I just wonder what it was that you were doing in their parking lot that caused you to flash your panties at the world? And shout at Lee? It sounds a bit strange...

Sara Smith said...

It was Sooooo great to see you and the fam, my friend! I wish the boys were closer geographically so they could play more often, but we sure did have fun, huh? Thanks for the recommendation on the ChooChoo Soul vids, btw... it's definitely the new fave.
Love you all!

Kathleen said...

what a lovely weekend (minus the wipeout).

i wish we all lived closer...we miss you.

liam sends drooly kisses to cousin-tank.