Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Its All In My Head

I am still around, and have oh so much to share with y'all, from housing and job changes, to knitting accomplishments, and an all girls climbing weekend. Except for one tiny thing. A six day headache. The CT scan says I'm fine. Funny, I still don't feel it. Be back as soon as I can.


sara Smith said...

Oh Honey, I am soooo sorry, that just sucks. I'm hoping you feel much better very very soon.
At least your avatar looks like she's in a lovely spot....

love you, m'dear.

Sara (and clan)

Kathleen said...

oh cuz...i just read this and would have asked you how you are feeling when i spoke with you today!
i hope you are feeling better.
and i hope the smoke clears.

lovelovelove and miss you. xo