Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hum hum hum, la la la...

Hey folks, we are fine, though still among the fire refugees. My husband has been much better at updating about this thing, so feel free to pop over there to check out his super duper telephoto pictures and insider information mappage.

I'm feeling a bit like hiding my head into the sand right now, so here are the long promised pictures of some finished knitting projects...
Tadaaa, the Reid sweater from the Spring 2006

and the Spring Forward socks from the Summer 2008 , and of course a little sneaker who popped into the shot!

I've also made yet another Foliage Hat because a woolie knit hat is just what one needs during 100 degree fire weather. No pictures yet, seeing as I don't really know where my toothbrush is, let alone my camera...

Up next, pictures of climbing from two weekends ago!


Anonymous said...

Nice work, especially with a week long headache, evacuation, fire engines in front of your house, and other potential disasters! And don't forget, a new job also!

Stephen said...

Eww...gah...Glad you guys are doing ok...err, aside from the monster headache!

What's this about a new job?

Thinking of you guys!