Monday, November 03, 2008


I'm not going to kid y'all. I am agonizing over this election. I can't even believe that it isn't a done deal. Here we have two men. One was a community organizer and congressional law professor, the other chose Palin as a running mate. How on earth could you be undecided?

So as any good election agonizer would do, I have spent all day on the internets looking up propositions and local elected officials. And here is the fruit of my labor...

First of all we don't have a democrat running for our Congressional Representative. Well, we sort of do, but he's a write in candidate, with a funny name. So we don't expect much, but doesn't he look like a nice guy? All democratty and stuff? All earthy crunchy, wants to save the worldy? So if by any chance you happen to be in the California 19th Congressional District, write in (and x the box) for Peter Leinau! Yay democrats!

Now moving on to State officials... It seems that here in the 25th Assembly District, we have a Republican currently in office (Berryhill, I believe). But that could change! Maybe. Iffin' this adorable youngster gets his way, that is! OMG, he's so dreamy! I feel like the naughty housewife secretly watching the shirtless highschooler cut the grass! Tee hee hee! Scroll down to the bottom of his official website. Do you see it? You can join his Facebook group! Tee hee hee! Best of luck wee little budding democrat! May you make it to the State Assembly. Or out of Junior College, whichever comes first!

Now on to some CA Propositions...

Just so's you know, Prop 7 and Prop 10 sound like good environmental measures in the wee little blurby format. But some pretty respectable folks are against them: California League of Conservation Voters, Natural Resources Defense Council, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the deal breaker, the Union of Concerned Scientists. I feel like the UoCS motto should be "We know more than you. Yes, you."

So anywhoo, they are against Prop 7 and Prop 10, and their arguments make sense.

So read up my earthy crunchy hipsters. Find out exactly who and what you're voting for. And get to bed, for heaven's sake! Its late and you have to vote in the morning! Tee hee!

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