Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hit 'Em Right Where It Hurts

Hey there kiddos. It has been a short aeon since I last wrote. Like election day. Sorry 'bout that. See right now we are living in two half houses. And let me tell you, in this case, two halves do not make a whole. Midweek we're at the house with the internet connection, but then its midweek, with all the contingent work, early rising, hot plate cooking, and day care shuffling. Weekends we are at the house with the clothes washer and full sized bed, but alas no internets.

So far the park service has given us the verbal approval to continue with the "new old" house construction (that super extravagant plan to install that crazy foundation and all) but we can't actually start until some computer account thingy is set up. As we watch the weather move in to winter... We did replace the back door on the new/old house. It was actually a half rotted interior door, used as an exterior door for some 30 odd years. (Dude, they must have been some really odd years!) The carpeting and tiling are finished in our two usable rooms, one staircase, and one short hallway, and we even have nice toasty heat pumps. (I kid you not, they really work!) But at this point we still don't have a living room, a kitchen, or anywhere for our dog to sleep other than in the middle of the chilly tile hallway floor.

And we sold the Ranch. For a $45,000 loss. And that hurts. It is a beautiful, beautiful place, and I am sad to see it go for such an undervalued price. We have until the 15th of January to vacate the premises. Excuse me while I go mope for a bit.

Happy Thanksgiving though. And rest comfortably in the knowledge that I have made it through another year, and now reside at 38 years of age!


K8 said...

That's hard about the Ranch - good luck on the new place, and congrats on another year!

sara Smith said...

Oh sweetie, so sorry about the financial hit. That's such a bummer. Happy birthday though!!! And I look forward to helping you make the new place home-y with whatever decorative painting you would like (perhaps a yarn-ball-tangle, fiesta of color in the craft room? a bear for the Tankster?) when the time comes. In the meantime, hold your head up and lean into the wind... and remember you are loved by many!
Sara and Ash

Kathleen said...

oh gosh, cousin...i am sorry i am late with the birthday wishes.
i hope it was a good one and that your thanksgiving was nice.
sorry, too, about the ranch. but someday, all of your hard work on the new/old house is going to be sooooo worth all of this craziness.

miss you and love you.

Robert said...

Crickey...did I even acknowledge your birth-aversary? I stink, stank stunk. Happy Belateds, my beloved! xoxoxoxoxox