Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tank Boy Time

We are still here, in a mad rush to get the house finished for the family visit that happens in two weeks, ack! I have a million and one things going on between now and then too, aside from a date with a 2 ton stack of Pergo...

In the mean time:
Jackson somehow whacked his front right tooth and broke it up above the gum line, and it has turned a lovely shade of grey. I tried to take a pic, but as you can see below, the gray does not translate.

So Tankster had his first visit to the dentist! He did great, ah'ed and grinned so the doc could get a good look. Our local doc wants us to see a pediatric doc to possibly do a pediatric root canal-ish. But then again, it isn't showing signs of swelling or infection, so it might be nothing... Keep yer fingers crossed for the nothing!

Jackson has had a myriad of kiddo get togethers. A couple of Friday's ago we went to preschool and I volunteered to set up the craft activity. We read the book The Rainbow Fish and made Rainbow Fish costumes.

If I do say so myself the kids are a-freakin-dorable.

Then we went to a bunch of birthday parties, which was pretty much seventh heaven for Tank. He got to play with a different set of toys at each house! And the goodie bags! And the candy! Eeeek! One family tried to take it easy on the candy prizes (thank gosh!) so they were heavy on balloon favors. But they got these odd balloons that I think were supposed to be "tye dyed" but really ended up looking sort of medical, and birth related...

We also were lucky enough to find a conjoined pair in our goodies, that really look rather unmentionable. So of course I had to mention them...

Anybody free to come out this weekend and lay pergo, install baseboard, build kitchen cabinets, do some patch painting, storage space diving or perhaps even a little light landscaping? We'll provide a room and the boards, ha ha ha!

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@ home architects said...

Hi! Are all the children out there blonde haired blue eyed marvels?!?! It's adorable, and a little creepy!

I love the testicular elephantitus balloons. I'm just glad there wasn't a clown there trying to tie them into animals!