Monday, May 04, 2009

Just Keep Swimming...

So some of y'all have been kind enough to inquire as to the status of the house remodel. Try to bear in mind that the place will look much better without the thin veneer of power- and hand tools, and also those pesky dangling fixture-less electrical wires. First the heart of the house, the kitchen/dining space, with double doors onto the "courtyard"...
Could be nice soon, huh?

Then the wee guest room that will soon house my favorite sibling and family...
Tiny, but nice!

Then a quick glimpse at the loo...

Supposedly the tile artist will have this whipped into jaw dropping shape in two short weeks! (Watch the knees while on that imaginary potty, the door will definitely clip them if someone comes barging in!

And still in the works (perhaps in time for 90 degree weather?) The Hubsand's wool cabled sweater! Remember when I surveyed y'all as to the fate of this handknit? Well, much like the Million Dollar Man ("We can rebuild him - we have the technology!) it has been restructured for the betterment of mankind. AKA, made bigger and knit in the round (front and back at the same time).

Even Tankster agrees, "It's wool, but it sure isn't itchy!"

Now all we gotta do is keep on keeping on!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Windows, walls, floors...all kinda thingys that weren't there when I was! Lookin' great. What happened to that large piece of wood that hung from the rafters at the edge of the kitchen? Did it go away or did the ceilings come down to hide it? I think it was there when I left! And just make sure the guest room wires are hidden away so Millie won't play sparkies with them! I can just see her roaming about there already, she is very good at walking now, frontwards AND backwards!


Anonymous said...

PS Is that a FLOOR I see in the guest room???

sara L Smith said...

I am so impressed! Not surprised, given what I know of you my rock star friend, but impressed nonetheless.
I really wish I were able to come help, but unfortunately this is my big crunch time up in this end of the woods... Kidzone installation is happening all this week, Asher has been home sick since Friday (ROseola.... where the rash comes sweeping over all...{sung to the tune of Oklahoma}), getting a show ready to hang at Dragonfly in June, pitching a mural project to the town this week... pitching a public art project to a developer...
and of course Ernie is busier than snot all week too.
Ain't that just life.
But at least the Boy is feelin better finally! No more lethargic, feverish fella... now he's just spotty.

Hugs to everyone, and keep on keepin on my dear! Enjoy your visit with the extended fam!!!!