Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two For One Coupon Day?

Today, at work, the contractor did this crazy thing where they made a Tee into a pressurized waterline, without geyser-ing hardly anything! To start they bolted a sleeve around the existing water line with a little tee type protrusion on it. Then they bolted a valve on to that, which is just a piece of pipe with an extra bump on top so that a little door can go up out of the way, or down to stop the water flow. They they bolted this crazy enclosed drilling contraption on, of which I'm only showing the business end...

Then they drill in the center pilot hole, and then the big circular drill cores out a honkin circle. The center pilot bit actually has some heavy short wires that pop out and hold onto the circle (I believe it is called a coupon, but I read that on the internets, so someone could be playing a cruel joke on me...). They were more than happy to let me take it home!

Construction work iz fun!


Anonymous said...

Uhhhhh....sure....if you say so! I never did figure out the un-pictured T business, but that circle driller looks familiar, I got one to drill big holes in our soffits and then screen the hole. Anyway, when they drilled out all the stuff you previously mentioned (the sleeve, the T, the valve) why didn't the water shoot out all over? I am proud of your work and understanding, but I am lost!! And with any luck, you will find a purpose for that "coupon" in your new house!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm sure they used expert supervision, as that Borg adopted technology can run amok if you leave it to it's own devices!!