Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Quick Rant

I cannot believe all this crazy hoo hah over the attempt to change our health care insurance system. Imitation grass roots organizations with lobotomized slogans like "Just say no"?! What do they think Obama is trying to do here, bite the heads off puppies? Is it really so offensive to try and provide affordable health care for each and every american?

As soon as the post man can get here, I will be sporting this new political accouterment. Please note that our friend John Allison has chosen to portray the USA as a DINOSAUR!

Shouting down your political opponent instead of informed discourse? Evidently its the American way!


Kathleen said...


p.s. love the shirt.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't see any "political accouterment" in your blog, so I guess senility is creeping up on me...or else my Seamonkey browser isn't picking it up. Anyway, I agree and remember when Bill Clinton tried this same thing, and the loud mouth imbeciles shouted him down cause his wife did the research, and they said she wasn't elected to the VP office!! You would think we were all going to lose everything, including health care, our homes, our savings...just to provide insurance to "a few lazy people." Exaggeration does work though, the average idiot American voter now believes that and the polls show less than half of us favor the new plans. As I have told you, about 75% of Americans are idiots and vote for a presidential candidate bases solely on the color of his tie!!

Anonymous said...

Suzie I miss you...Even with the political rants:D I'm back on Facebook so find me if you want to hook up there. I'll see you on Wednesday if not before. Stacey