Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Trials and Tribulations of Pergo!

First of all my little digi might be on its last legs, as one in four pictures now looks like this...

Second, I have a poll for y'all! This is the one and only spot where the pergo flooring will go the same direction on either side of a door.

Should I cut it nonetheless and install the wooden threshold, or just run it through the door smooth? Assume that neither is intrinsically more work than the other... I am no professional, so I'll just ask other random nonprofessionals their opinion!


Anonymous said...

Dear Suzie,

Quoting from your last blog, if you "have the right tool for every job", then I would do the normal thing and put the threshold in. Either on top of the pergo or with the pergo cut to let the threshold sit on the under floor. Without the threshold, it would look...hillbillieish! Just my opinion...

And what is a digi? Your digital computer or an external storage device for pics???

Anonymous said...

Thresholds are the to make the transition from one material to another, typically to make up a height distance or some such thing. Just like there is no threshold between a room and it's closet, there is no real reason to install a threshold between (I assume) the room and the hall. If it were all carpet, you wouldn't install a threshold there normally. Between the bath and the hall makes some sense, to create a minor water break, even if the finished materials are contiguous.

Having said THAT, I'd put a threshold in your Pergo ONLY to cover up subtle but obvious misalignments in the flooring material. Your usual uber pergo skills most likely negate this concern.

Architect Robert

Anonymous said...

Ah,ha,ha..while I have even less experience than your other post'ers...My opinon is that a threshold there will look kinda normal, atleast on wood floors.

Great job by the way...the place is looking amazing!