Monday, July 13, 2009

Eventually Her Baby Will Earn An Income

Some of y'all might remember my friend Karel. But some of you may not know that she had a baby almost two months ago (because she's a terrible blog updater!) And furthermore, I'm pretty sure y'all didn't know that I got to go up to Reno and hang out with them over the weekend of the 4th. Notice the festive 4th of July outfit on the wee one...

We managed to get Karel a little more caught up on sleep while I was there,

go out to get our hair cut together, (Note the crazy prom hair!)

...and even made it on a short hike!

Thanks lady for sharing you beautiful new babe with me for the holiday!

Something else that is almost two months old is the Women's Thursday Evening Climbing Club that I've been organizing each week after work. Now I'll admit here that attendance hasn't been record breaking, so it has been more like "Come and Go Climbing With Suziehulahoop on Thursdays Club", but I'm not complaining! I've had at least one person show up every time, and that's all you need to tango, or climb! So yay us, we're out there making it happen! Thanks to my regulars, hope to see you all at one time perhaps!


Anonymous said...

I knew you were up there, cause I called and talked to your wonderful HUB! Nice baby she has...and whats with that hair on yo head? Didn't think that was legal in the advanced state of CA. Maybe you been too busy putting up walls and cabinets and the like?
It actually looks good on you, but must be a pain to take care of?

Karelypants said...

Thanks again for the visit. It was fabulous! Maybe one of these days I can make it to your neck of the woods for a climbing get together. Can I bring the rug rat? Send me some pictures from the weekend. Love you.....K