Friday, November 06, 2009

... And A Pony, And A Racecar...

Now that November is here, I'm sure you all know what is fast approaching...

Gifting To Suzie Season!

Yes, seeing as my birthday and Christmas come bickety bam, one after t'other, this is the only time of year I receive heaps of pwesents! Yay! So without further ado, here is my List Of Things That Are Wearing Out But Still Hard To Justify Purchasing New Ones Because The Old Ones Work Well Enough List:

TTAWOBSHTJPNOBTOOWWE: (in no particular order!)

I would love me a new women's specific climbing harness, something like this one here. Specifically what I'm looking for is something designed for women's hips, that has lots of gear loops, that stresses comfort and strength over lightweight-ed-ness and comes in a size small.

***Edited to add that The Huzbunkle has crossed the above item off the list! Yay!***

...and/or a new climbing rope like this here beauty. Or something like it that has a differential pattern for pinpointing the center of the rope , a more than generous 60 meter length, and is approximately 10 mil thick or so. I likes me a thick durable rope! (Eeek, does that sound naughty?!)

I am also sorely in want of a new climbing helmet. My current one immediately sloshes over to a jaunty angle on the right where it thunks against my glasses frame and right ear and stays for the rest of the day. I'm guessing that something like this or this might work well for my smallish (~21 inch diameter) very narrow (pinhead!) noggin.

And what's that you say, doesn't she do any team sports? Why yes, and it too, is very gear intensive. So therefore I desperately covet a pair of hockey pants that wasn't purchased (all pre-smelly) at a thrift store for $7 in something like a size mens XL. I'm sure anything here would do me quite well. And no, I'm not referring to the fuzzy leopard gloves, alas, I already bought a new (not quite as snazzy) pair of hockey gloves last year. And I'm pretty sure that I could use a new hockey stick too, but all I can tell you there is that I think I shoot (oddly enough) left handed. I don't know anything about new hockey sticks. Someone gave me my current one, and everyone at the rink laughs at it because it is so old, funny, and worn down.

And now back to climbing for a tick, there are two more items that I don't currently have, but would love to welcome to the HoopGearRack. The whole flam damn set can be seen here, but I am only missing the 0.75 size and the big ol' number 4.

Wow thanks for tuning into Wish List '09!

Now its your turn! What in the world am I going to give YOU for the holidays? Help a gal out here, throw me a bone! Love you!

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Anonymous said...

Of course you shoot left that from me!!