Tuesday, November 03, 2009

That's The Way (Uh Huh Uh Huh) I Like It!

And once again the weekend was full of wonderful (in addition to the aforementioned Halloween) and surprising experiences that I just have to share!

Friday was Gal's Climbing Day, so another Gal and I did Little John Right. Now if you pop over to that description you might see that this climb is on El Cap. Yep, El Capitan. The big one. I do have to clarify here, and mention that we were merely climbing about the feet of The Captain, probably not even up to his knees. And yet. Nontheless. That is one big rock. There is a sober sense of seriousness about being at the base of such a colossal beast. A three thousand foot reminder to check all of your knots and anchors not once, nor twice, but three times. And yet, thankfully, he was a gentle beast that day and let us off with nary an abraded knuckle nor knee. But we did however gain a great big whooping sense of yeeeehawww! The other Gal took a ton of pics, so I'll post one or two when they come my way.

Then Saturday was more scootering in Yosemite Valley with one of Tankboy's little buddies. He is now such a speedy scooter, we have to jog at a lively pace to keep up.

Then of course, the trick or treating. Oh the treating!

Then Sunday The Fam Damily had nothing more planned than a quick and dirty run up the unpaved road behind our neighborhood. Afterwards I was hoping to jump into some knitting, and drink some tea maybe. Big day.

Then a friend called. She knew this gal who is in a band who was playing relatively close to our rather isolated area, and would I like to go along for the ride? Little did I know that we were jumping in on the tail end of a zany four day music festival with three stages, multiple camping areas, remarkably good food, bubbles, costumes, hula hoops, and a surprisingly blatant prevalence of mind altering substances. But jump we did. The friend of a friend, and two other acts were so achingly good, that we both confessed to the chills at times. We danced quite a bit, ate some tasty (thought slightly expensive) snacks, had our one alcoholic beverage (Bloody Mary's my fav!), bought some CD's, and then cut out before our terribly staid parental bed times. Did y'all know (or remember from your misspent youths) that seeing live music was so fun?!

So then on Monday (after a rousing round of Potluck Preschool with the neighborhood kids) Tankster and I took a three hour nap. And then a few hours later the two of us were in bed konked out by 8:45 pm. Party am-in-als. We have been doing it up right!


Kathleen said...

oh, heck yeah!
sounds like a perfect weekend.


Karelypants said...

Damn, you're a bad ass! Selfishly, I am dreadfully jealous.