Saturday, January 30, 2010

All Tank, All The Time

Sweet Jebus, how time has flown! Have you guys seen how big Tank Boy has gotten?

From the feet he looks like he could be a college student...

We've had some setbacks here at CasaHoop, that had me feelin' kinda crummy. The above tankster has decided to un-pottie train himself. We had been fighting it tooth and nail, causing all sorts of domestic strife and despair. But then upon the recommendation of our favorite medical professional, we decided to back off for a bit. We've been looking at any possible medical causes, but so far he seems healthy as a wee stubborn horse. So we might just be buying stock in Pull-ups.

On happier fronts we've been getting out to do lots of stuff. Tankster comes ice skating with me once every week or two, he's getting to be an old pro...

His skiing skills are also improving, necessitating the purchase of the official new goggles... I keep forgetting the camera on the actual hill.

Tune in next time for more toddler trials and tribulations!


Anonymous said...

He is getting to be such a big boy! And adorable, too, of course. :)))


Anonymous said...

Unpottytrain, eh? Sounds like something that I might be doing in a couple of years! Seriously, I hope it passes soon, there are at least 8 more stages he will go thru until he is 18, most of them not as bad as this one!