Friday, January 01, 2010


I love the holidays so much. I love the industriousness of it all, starting with Halloween and the home sewn costumes, building through the Thanksgiving domestic rush, and the grand crescendo of Christmas gift crafting, wrapping, and sending.

And then after the flurry comes the slide into New Years, accompanied by excessive alcohol, hangovers, and sluglike behavior. Must. Fight. Off. Post. Holiday. Blues.

(And get back to being industrious, as I have yet to mail out ANY long distance Christmas presents!)


Anonymous said...

Can I sign up for the felted ballet slips... very very cute suz! Nice work! Btw ... size 10~

xo MB

Anonymous said...

All right, third picture, little stones and balls, what are they? Xmas decors? Or stone collections? Mighty pretty, whatever they are. If you have the post Xmas blues, I have the solution...just come here and work your blues off as we fix up Lisa's and Doug's new old house, 1940's built, that was occupied by the country singers the Stonemans here in Edgewater! Much easier than your new old house, this one has walls and electricity, in most rooms!

Anonymous said...

oh man, I LOVE THOSE DICE!!!!


Kellyann said...

long time no visit.....happy new year! love the french press slippers!!! did ya felt w/ a plunger in the tub ala harlot?!
are you on raverly? if so, let's connect! i'm 'kapknits'.