Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sedentary Roving

So the pesky tendonitis has completely curbed my knitting habit these days, and I have been hankering for something crafty. Partially inspired by this crafting hottie, I finally dug around in the yarn stash and came up with this nifty kit that I got from my brother in law about two (?!) years ago.

Only when it was in kit form, that there stuff wasn't wound on the spindle yet. (That stuff was formerly roving which is washed and combed wool that has yet to be spun into yarn.) That there stuff henceforth will be known as MY FIRST YARN EVER!

Yeah, its a bit lumpy and uneven, but the process is surprisingly satisfying, fun, and quick! Yay, new craft! (Try to ignore the fact that the new craft is completely reliant on the old craft for actual use.) Now I just need me some more roving stuff, look out credit card!

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Anonymous said...

Eh? Inspired by a crafting hottie? And "roving" I guess is just about how it leaves the sheep? Bah bah! Hope this does not irritate the tendons or you will never get over it! Love to all and a Happy BD to you especially!