Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Pigeons of Mercy descend on Gulfport, MS

"The Hub" here...guest blogging for Suziehulahoop. Currently said hulahoop is truck drivin' in Gulf Port Mississippi along with her sister, giving away truckloads of food, water, and supplies to the folks of that commnunity for the Red Cross. Last I heard (tonight), they are sleeping in a large military base hangar with more than 500 of their closest friends, with complimentary non-existent air conditioning to boot!! That, however, appears to be a better deal than most around there are getting because they at least have walls, a roof, water and power.

Apparently (this info is second hand from "the hoop" as well) many of the container ships that were trying to hide in the small coves of Gulfport to ride out the storm have been destroyed, and their truck-sized cargo containers turned into giant house-sized rolling pins, just in case the winds, storm surge, and falling trees weren't enough to level everything already. Awful.

Is this what the future holds for coastal communities like Gulfport?Probably (from 2004, before Katrinasationalism...). Here's a more recent paper in Nature about it...eerily prescient that science can be eh?

Speaking of which..there's a pretty good Katrina timeline out there, sourced fairly thoroughly as far as I can tell.

And as long as we're getting facts out there (and since the hoopster makes no bones about the whole bleeding heart liberal thing)--there are other examples of less than enthusiastic leadership on issues of national security by you know who... Maybe one day we'll actually get to read the whole report.

(scuffling sound as soapbox is slid to more convenient position for standing on...)

Maybe one day we'll get beyond this whole liberal/conservative smokescreen and just focus on facts. Maybe one day people will realize that there are way too many life and death problems we have to solve now to let matters of taste and culture get in the way...

But I digress...a lot...more on the hoop to come, as I get the updates...

Send the pigeon sisters your thoughts and prayers!!

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