Monday, September 05, 2005

Still In Civilization, Sort Of...

Well, so far everything is hunky dory here on the east coast. After two false starts, I did finally get into the Red Cross crash training course. (More on that in a sec...)

Yesterday morning after showing up at the FIRST alleged space and hour, and realizing that the info was incorrect, The Sis, RobbyBlog and I rallied and spent a lovely day at the Maryland Renaissance Faire instead. So that really didn't suck. And, extra special joy of joys, our longtime friend Lovely Lisa got to join us a well. All was super fantastic until some spaz at the knife throwing booth gacked out and somehow hit Lisa (standing NEXT to him, NOT in front of him) with one of his knives. It was only a glancing blow to the hand, but probably rather unsanitary, so we spent a few moments over with the nice folks at the Firste Aide. Getting some tincture and poultice. Or something.

After the slight maiming, there was only fun to be had by all, including such show stoppers as: observing the joust, pub sing, oyster shooters, and my personal favorite, axe throwing. Wheee!

So after a good night's rest, we set out again this morning, bright and early, for that darned required four-hour course, and yet again we found it to be nothing but erroneous info. We chose, at that point, to see it as a test of our persistence and stamina (and a chance to do some light shopping in nearby Georgetown), and hung in there, finally getting into the class at noon. Whew.

After the class finished we stopped by The Sis's (The Sis'? Grammar anyone?) local Red Cross branch to make sure we were all set with paperwork, and found out that I have been called up to be deployed! Eeeek! The Awesome Lady Who Is Helping Us, suggested that I wait until tomorrow morning to call in, when, most likely, Big Sis will be called up as well. So cross your fingers that we get to go, and go together, and I'll keep you as posted as I can. And don't forget to keep those knife wounds clean, okay?

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