Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In A Betting Mood?

So guess what today is... May 23rd! And do you know what that means?! I am exactly one calendar month from my due date! (Not quite to 36 weeks out of 40 yet, due to those pesky months having slightly more than 4 weeks...) Yes, yes, I know, due dates are wild approximations and only 2% of women actually deliver on their due date, but then again half of them deliver BEFORE then! Yikes!

So Camp Double Wide is getting pretty geared up for the new visitor, we have officially cleared a bunch o' junk (and sorely neglected sporting goods) outta the guest/baby room, and oddly enough started and finished the re-flooring of The Hub's home office too. And all of this busyness and preparedness makes me think just one thing. We are way too prepared, therefore the baby will be weeks (if not MONTHS!) late! We've got our birthing kit, our birthing tub, a whole slew of fuzzi bunz, a bassinet, a crib, baby bathtub, glass baby bottles (no phthalates here!) and enough clothes for an infant army.

And that pesky road to Yosemite is still closed, so I guess I am now (gasp!) a housewife. Hmmm, that sounds way too close to "house elf". And I keep picking up discarded socks, but it doesn't seem to change anything. But then again, it will all be changing way too soon... So, you know, if you need any recipes or uh... grout cleaning tips, I'm pretty much not your woman, but I'll be here nonetheless!

So what's YOUR guess? Boy? Girl? Early? Summer Solstice? Late? Winner gets a personalized Yosemite junior ranger badge and a week's food and lodging for two at this lovely (but rustic) ridge-top Yosemite area mini resort that I know...


Robert said...

You are having a girl, and don't tell my Wyfe, but she will be rather late....they may actually miss her...


Anonymous said...

Well, its a good thing tht you have teething rings and other assorted tiny baby toys, most pre-tested by Lydia, Aiden and Joey.....BECAUSE your baby BOY will arrive about 5 June, according to the decipherable noodles in my luncheon soup today! So be ready and know that we all are very interested and excited!!