Friday, May 26, 2006

Arbitrary Day At The Ranch

Sick of All Baby All The Time here on channel 'hoop? Well here's some randomy randomness from the world of Suziehulahoop instead...

And a riddle! What closes faster than an ice cream stand in Poland when the Pope is coming to visit? OUR ROAD! Yes, the road to Yosemite was open for almost 24 hours yesterday, and then our neighbor (Mr. Imp) was on the way home from work and in line to follow the "lead car" and calmly watched some Zippy-Car-sized boulders roll down the adjacent slope and out into the road. And then watched the good folks in charge close the road and route everyone back where they had come from, around half the state, past Go (do not collect $200) and home. Better than getting besquished, I guess.

Y'all know my cat by now, I'm sure, and I even think that most of you know her full name, Molly The Mutant. So here it is, up close and personal, my cat's "variation on normal".

Mutant Paw
Gotta love a little girl with big shoes!

And one more random image of goodness. Our front lawn bursts forth in the spring with one of my favorite flowers, larkspur. They are SO purple that I'm pretty sure you need UV protection if you stand too close. And they have cute little pointy butts. But you can't see that from here so don't strain yourselves.

Ultra Violet

Happy spring/summer (spummer?)!


Anonymous said...

Pretty front yard. I would send you some pics of our spring blooms, but you are still on the slow internet hookup, right??



Kathleen said...

"little cute pointy butts"...?

Aunt Kathixowhxcxc said...

Who knew flowers had butts! Stems yes. Petals yes. Leaves yes. But Butts!!!

Robert said...

The hideous paws, the beautiful flowers, I may be suffering from ocular whiplash!

A very Merry Spummer to you too!