Saturday, June 03, 2006

Photo-tastrophe, A Monkey, And Carrying Implements!

So with my last post I came to a sad realization. The site where I've been caching all of my pictures is a free thing called "flickr", and unbeknownst to me it only holds a total of 200 pictures, regardless of size! So as I've been adding picture upon picture of random household stuff, other things have been falling off the back undetected by me. Durn. I guess I shoulda read that user agreement a bit more closely... So I may try a few new things with pictures soon... so give me a little while to figure out what that may be.

In much less glum news, yesterday was a Banner Goodie Day here at Chez 'Hoop. Primarily we received this in the mail!

Because no baby room is quite complete without a little monkey-head throw rug!


The worlds most fabulous critter toter! From my fabulous sister! Yay, sister!

And then I decided that I'd had enough of this sittin' around, and I figured it was about time I learned to knit. Yup, the total domestic transmogrification has happened. ( I also have plans to work on a quilt too! Try not to gag.) So I went to our teensy tinsy little local yarn shop and made the whopping $11 purchase of some nasty acrylic variegated yarn and some knitting needles and a wee pamphletty book that totally sucks. I have to say that this website was much more useful until I got to the purling part. And then it was back to the baffling graphics of the pamphlet... Despite this, in two days I have managed to teach myself how to cast on, knit, purl, stockinette stitch, rib knit, add a stitch (knit AND purl) and decrease stitches. Why yes, I am quite proud!

I'd show a picture of what I created so far, but it really is quite ugly and you know, there's that picture issue right now... but soon I hope to locate some actual wool wool and possibly give this cute little felted project a try...

'Cause everyone needs a microscopic shoulder bag in purple mohair, right?

Such are the goals of my new sedentary life...

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Talley said...

Two comments:

1) Purling is a bitch!! Doesn't really matter where you learn, it seems to stump everyone for a bit! Good for you, though! I still don't know how to do some of those things! You'll have to teach me!

2) The critter toter is from your fabulous sister AND your fabulous brother-in-law! Yay Robbie!