Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Six Official Hours In The Office

The Hub and I set our alarms, got to bed early and were up before the crack of dawn this morning, because the road finally opened! Yay! We showered, brushed, snacked, vitamined, drove, and got to work before the magic hour of 8 am. Two hours later the canyon landslided (landslid?) again and the road closed again and will now remain closed for an even longer time. I have been told in no uncertain terms to stay home, and work from there, as my boss and coworkers do not want an 8 month pregnant lady in the office with no expedient egress from the valley. So I'll be at home if y'all need me. Attempting to work. No, really!

In other pregnant-person news, we had our regularly scheduled visit to the midwife on Monday, and due to my Horrible Wharfing Episode last week not only did I not gain any weight these last two weeks, I lost three pounds! She says its fine and not to panic, but panic we did. And then we drove straight to the Kentucky Fried Chicken. Man o man is that stuff gross, but good, but gross. but good. And we got a bucket to take home too, with mashed potatoes and gravy as well! And Hagen Dasz for dessert. So I think we're back on track. And now I won't have a two hour commute either, so maybe I can (gasp) "cook" some wholesome (read "butter-filled") foods! Or at least thaw them with more regularity. Mmm mmm good.


Robert said...

"I got a FEVER, and the only PRESCRIPTION is more COWBELL" Christopher Walken on SNL

I think I want to get pregnant, so I can get the midwife to recommend a big bucket o' chicken and sides!


Anonymous said...

So if you got to work, and two hours later the road was impassable again, how did you get home??? Try some black rasberry ice cream...great taste and will fatten ya up!!


Suzie said...

Just so y'all don't think we had to be helicoptered out or anything, there are TWO other ways out of Yosemite Valley (by car). They just take you very far from our little homestead!