Saturday, November 04, 2006

No Time For The Felt Spaceship...

Because I am a big geek, I get really excited about Halloween every year. This year was no different, I started making our family themed costumes months in advance. Then I sort of realized that we had nowhere to go, and no reason to dress up, and sort of junked the whole idea.

Until 24 hours before the big day. Then a neighbor mentioned that there is a kids carnival (in the animal stables) at the local fairgrounds. (Yes, we are rather rural!) So I hauled out all the junk I'd been working on and did the best I could. So if I look like a demented sparkly Mennonite instead Jane Jetson that is why. And I was really hoping to have time to give myself a Jane-ish bouffant hairstyle, but was too busy sewing the stripes on George Jetson's shirt, so I sort of rolled out the door without the slightest bouf in my fant. But Elroy came out pretty dang cute, I think. And he's all that really matters. So without further ado, The (Halfassed) Jetsons...

Create Your Own!

PS. Special Guest Star apperance by Thomas (cutest toddler ever!), aka Robin.


Kathleen said...

oh my, cutie-pies, all!
hee...tooooooooo ADORABLE!

you are very crafty and coolio, dear cousin.

cheesefairy said...

Good job!
And I absolutely adore your sparkling stockings.

Anonymous said...

I love his little hat!