Thursday, April 26, 2007

Home Is Where You Hang Your Diaper!

I tried to post this last night but someone got hip to my game and squelched the wireless signal...

"As of about three hours ago, Millie has been released from the hospital and has come home! She seems to have slept soundly through her first car ride, nary a peep. She has nursed a few times, but is complaining a bit because it is more work than a bottle. But don't worry, we'll get her in tip top shape in no time! Momma and Poppa are positively beaming! Hold onto your hats, here we go!

I'll try and post some pics tomorrow if I can keep poaching this here wireless internet signal..."

And today Millie is off to her first pediatrician appointment and second car ride. (And she slept like a champ last night, which I can't say for her older cousin, Tank Insomniac.) Yay, Millie!!


Anonymous said...

Tank Insomniac, eh? He needs to walk the halls again holding on to Grandpa's thumbs, and get all tired out. Wonderful about Millie, and much thanks to you for all that you have done for Talley, Rob, Millie, and me!

Kathleen said...

rock on, millie.
and hang in there cous (and tank boy!)

the photos that i took of him are so darn cutiecutecute!

i will be over this weekend to take some of millie. wild horsed can't keep me away.

well...i guess a locked door would...heh.

kiss everyone for me and i'll catch you sunday-ish.


Sara Smith said...

Insomnia-infantis seems to be going around... Tank's little buddy Asher was quite the squaller last night as well. He was way past "desausted" (as big sis Charlotte would say), but his paci had gone a-missin, so it was a no-go for the little guy when combined with travel, lots of new family, and a new sleep-spot.
Uncle Phil was a rock star and went out to track down a paci for the little man at 11 pm last night, when poor little Asher was still crying himself hoarse (but not to sleep, no...) after an hour and a half. Go, Unca Phil.
Sounds like you be the ROCKin sis as well, there missy! I'm so glad Millie, Talley and Rob are doing well!

Love to everyone, and a finger in the nose from Ash to Tanker... it's A's newest obsession, his finger in other people's noses and mouths... makes him laugh hysterically.