Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Read All About It!

So for those of you on the edge of your seats waiting for news about Tank Cousin, here's the facts, Jack.

Millie Isabella Lach
born 12:16 pm April 16th
7 lbs 5 ozs
a perfectly pink and vocal little girl with a full mane of dark lovely hair that looks just like her momma!

As of today Momma Lach is recovering nicely and has enjoyed two whole meals of solid food, after a not so tempting breakfast of "clear liquid" broth and jello... Miss Millie has come through her first surgery with a very good prognosis, the spinal lesion is now closed, and as she heals the risk of infection becomes less and less.

You will notice that the title of this post is "read" all about it, as many people have taken many pictures of our beautiful new addition, but I am not one of them. As Momma Lach becomes healthier and hale-r I may try and sneak in and snap a few, but for now me luvrly sis needs me, and I am super happy to have a helping job to do.

So send all love-n-care vibes, thoughts, prayers, or juju to the proud mom, pop, and wee tot to the DC air waves and we'll be sure to harvest them all. Thank you, and good night!

Update!! Hey look, someone emailed me a picture! Oh so beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Suzie is doing a SUPER job for her sister, all the while keeping Jackson happy. Millie is warm and sleeping after her operation, which was scheduled for 45 minutes and took only 45 minutes. Good sign. For dinner last nite, Jackson had half a banana, a jar of pear sauce, half an adult portion of a vegetable medley, and a container of yogurt! And loves to hold onto Grandpa's hands and walk the hallways of the hospital.
Grandpa L.

Kathleen said...

i think millie has robbie's nose and talley's sweet pinchable cheeks!

she is so beautiful!

yay, millie! welcome to the family!


p.s. please hug mama and papa and tank for me.

jillzeepants said...

Yay Millie! Welcome to the world. I can't wait for you to meet my "Bunny" (once he/she finally comes out)! See ya'll soon! XXOO, Jilly

Karelypants said...

Thanks for the update. Give my love and congratulations to the proud parents!!

sara smith said...

Congratulations to Momma and Papa... and good news that Millie's operation went well!