Thursday, April 12, 2007

Throw Momma From The Train A Kiss

So I've been trying to figure out how to deal with a movie that was filmed vertically to avoid the crazy stretching we witnessed here. But honestly, after 3 hours and countless google searches, I'm throwing in the towel. So here he is, in all his stretched out glory, my son.

I love how ridiculously excited Poppa and I are. You'd think it was Shakespeare.

Oh, hey! Look at that, it just came out sideways instead of stretched. This is like someone's horrid home movies of their vacation to Paris isn't it? Well, smile and nod, and it will be done in a sec, okay?

And speaking of waving bye-bye, Tank Baby and I are making (yet another) Big Trip Back East for the scheduled arrival of Giggles. Wish me luck on not passing out in the operating room!


Robert said...

When Monkey Rug Rocks, he rocks a fat ass.

Don't try to understand, its terribly inside...inside my scary mind.

Kathleen said...

that wasn't shakespeare?


he is adorable....almost as cute as his parents.

and you won't pass out on monday. you are going to rock the little-sister role.

see you soon?

Sara Smith said...

YAY Jackson!!!

Such a brilliant boy...

I am infinitely jealous of your vid-posting ablility, btw.

Tons of recent video of Speed Racer, but his Momma is woefully ignorant in the ways of online video. Sigh.

Have a good trip back east, and give my congratulations and love to Tally and Robert (and of course the new little nippet soon-to-emerge)!