Saturday, June 09, 2007

D) All Of The Above

Wee Little Tank Baby has been down with a Really Big Sickness this week. It seemed to include a little taste of all illnesses, sore throat, sore ears, one vomit and one diarrhea plus a healthy serving of phlegmy coughing and continual fever despite the regimented dosing with various flavored infant "drops". One bonus to a Really Big Sickness is all the cuddling involved.

Other than that it was no fun. He seems to be coming around as of today with only a residual side dish of crankies and the worlds pluggiest nose. When exactly do they learn to blow? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but Charlotte was getting pretty decent with the blowing somewhere between 2 and 3. likely depends on the kid... but I think that's kind of a tough one for em. Doesn't it totally suck when they are so doggone plugged and there isn't much at ALL to do about it other than the dreaded bulb-sucker? Ash-of-the-green-nose is feeling Jackson's pain on that one this week too, though fortunately not accompanied by all the other miseries. I'm sooo glad Tank is turning around now.

Kathleen said...

ahhh...this makes me so look forward to the bulb-sucker thingy...

glad to hear that he is doing better. hugs to you all! xoxo

Robert said...

Part of being a tank, one would imagine, is the ability to chug on through even illness.

I love that lil' blighter!