Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Meet Me On The Lido Deck!

I have been bitchin' and moanin' a bit recently because I can't find enough playmates to go do crazee things with me, like climbing, hiking, mountain biking etc. Most of you know this already, but I am happiest when I am performing my Julie the Cruise Director duties of organizing, motivating, and executing Days O' Fun. And for some reason, despite living on the borders of one of nature's biggest playgrounds I have been having a dickens of a time scrounging up girlie playmates. (Yes, yes, I know boys will do in a pinch, but I do love me some estrogen time...)

Anywhoo, we have a neighbor who has been itching to get out and do a bit of kayaking on the old Merced river. So we hosed the spiders out of the boats, shimmied into our high fashion '90's river gear and hit the tiniest wave imaginable to test out the oh-so-rusty river skills. And I have to say that it was awesome. I will be the first to admit that kayaking scares the bejeebus out of me. But this was fun and manageable and just enough exciting to make me want more! Lookit me!

Funny story about this day though, I forgot to put in my contact lenses, so I was Squinty McBlindeyPants out there, see?

I sure didn't! Tee hee.


Sara Smith said...

OMG, Yay!!!!
Congratulations, mah frennnd... I'm so glad you got out. you look AWEsome.
Myself, I had the pleasure last weekend of jumping astride the ol' mountain bike and having a quick spin up the trails behind the wee homestead... complete with abraded-flesh souvenier wounding. It was really enjoyable, although solo, as is most of my outdoor recreation these days, despite living in another of nature's fab playgrounds. Sigh, such the life of bizzy mommies I suppose.
I wish I were closer, to be able to be a play buddy with you.

Romblestonia said...

I'd play with you, too, if we were there!!! Oh, NOVA has it's good points, but proximity to fun outdoors isn't one of them!!! I miss me the Sierras...and I am SUPER jealous of the kayaking!

Robert said...

huzzah! citizens demand neighbor pics!

...somtime i hear the word "playmate", and I get all twitchy. lol

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