Sunday, December 09, 2007

All of a Sudden I Don't Feel So Well...

Two things:

I highly recommend forgetting one's glasses on the hotel night stand when one sprints to the bathroom to be sick.

Food service plastic drink pitchers make an excellent barf bucket, you can hang your nose outside and avoid the smell of your own sick.

Crawling back to bed now...


Kathleen said...

oh...sister...sorry you don't feel well.

i would bring you some ginger tea if i was close by.

love to you and fast healing.

(where are you?)

Anonymous said...

As you cruise about on your vacation, plese try not to despoil the entire landscape for others!! Seriously, hope you are better and the OTHER TWO don't catch it!!

Suzie said...

Thanks guys, but unfortunately the other two had it first, I was the last to fall. And we are in Sequoia National Park until tomorrow morning, that is if we are well enough to drive home!

Anonymous said...

Omg, you poor thing. I sincerely hope you've made it home ok, and are feeling better now.

Love you, Sara