Monday, December 17, 2007

Suzie's Santa Sweatshop

My husband makes fun of me because every year I decide to make way too many handcrafted gifts for the holidays, and end up working my little fingers to the bone during the month of December. So what do I decide to do this year? Knit a sweater for each and every employee at the company I work for...

Um, okay, well there are only six of us, and yeah I knit them teeny tiny ornament sweaters, but they are REAL sweaters and would keep a tiny stick figure very warm!

And don't forget the beading...

Good friends and family, pipe up with your favorite colors if you'd like one of these! Quick before my fingers fall off!


Sara Smith said...

I am so impressed, my friend. I don't even end up posting, let alone making things for anyone.


Anonymous said...

Where do you find the time? When Jackson is sleeping? Those sweaters would make nice Christmas tree ornaments...or perhaps keep a cat warm! Very pretty, Mary, Suzie I mean!
Love and Merry Christmas,

Kathleen said...

i love the beads! and i love all the colors.
(hint, hint)

i also love tiny sweaters! : D
(with red flames!)

did i mention that i love you, too?

K8 said...

Love the sweaters, and the beading is amazing! Thanks for the comment on my blog (with suggestions for my etsy shop) Those backgrounds are awesome! Next time we head up to Yosemite I'll let you know :)