Thursday, January 10, 2008

But I Love The Smell Of Rosemary!

For those of you who don't know me that well yet, I have horrendous vision. Like can't-see-the-big-E-on-the-eye-chart bad. (Fortunately this means I never lose my glasses, as they are always within arm's reach of where I fell asleep...) So to compensate for this faulty faculty (in some odd way) I instead have this thing about smells. For instance, the random shower gel that my husband bought at the grocery store unfortunately (VERY unfortunately) smells exactly like the floor cleaner that I used extensively for those memorable two weeks when our dog had uncontrollable diarrhea, four years ago. Four. Years. Ago. Yeah, its a gift.

So my latest smell-o-venture also involves the shower. (Odd, that.) I recently bought some organic herbal shampoo. Save the world! Clean your hair! But, of course, forgot to giver 'er the old sniff test there in the organic toiletries aisle. So I toddle home, grab the random generic Citrus Lift conditioner from the back of the linen cabinet and blithely proceed to mix the most offensive mane miasma imaginable. Organic herbal rosemary shampoo + sweet pink Citrus Lift conditioner = gag inducing cranial cloud o' fruit flavored cat antibiotic. You know, like that stuff I had to forcibly administer down the Molly Maw while her neck abscess drained four months ago. Exact smell clone! Don't even get me started on why anyone would flavor a cat antibiotic with fruit flavors... (But would fish flavor smell any better?)

Note to self: Buy different shampoo. A.S.A.P.


Anonymous said...

Its inherited! Until my recent operations for cataracts, my vision was 20/400 without my coke bottle thick glasses, which I wore since I was 5! Always had them, but had great hearing and smell-o-vision. After Vietnam, lost the hearing, but can still smell something wrong with the cats or their boxes from in front of the house! From your blog, one has to of course ask, do you wear your glasses in the shower!

Sara Smith said...

and leading off from your Dad's comment, I would wonder if at those times when you might NOT be wearing your eye-gear (say in the shower), does your smell-o-vision increase beyond it's already amazing capacity?
I have terrible eyesight too... just enough so to make it quite challenging if I have wandered more than a few feet from where I last remember having possession of my specs, but dunno if it has rightly increased my smellability (rats). I should ask my brother about his nose... he's blind as a bat.
BTW, the tot got hold of my eye-helpers the other day and contorted them into quite the interesting 3-d project before I realized. Recoverable, but a wee bit more wavy in the ear-arms now. Sigh.
What can I say, he's fascinated with 'em.

Kathleen said...

dearest is inherited...
i'll be sitting in the kitchen and all of a sudden, i'll smell cigarette smoke (ick). i'll ask paulie if he smells it and he'll look at me like i am crazy...
then, i'll look out the second floor window, down the alley, and see someone smoking at the other end of the block!
if it is offensive, i can track it like it is my job.
egads...and when i was preggers...well...i don't even need to go there, do i?

lotion and hair products are the worst though. you can't get rid of the smell unless you bathe over and over again. and if you don't have time, then you must suffer through the day. barf-o-rama.

i feel ya.

cheesefairy said...

I would not be able to shower with cat antibiotic either. My sympathies.