Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I have been home a lot lately. In some ways this is lovely, in others its getting old. See I've been almost constantly sick since Christmas. I have officially been coughing for about a month now. Some days worse than others. (I've been to the doc and there is no walking pneumonia, don't panic, Dad.) So I've been working from home a bunch, and of course entertaining myself in the home as well...
So I knit this hat a wee bit ago, and it was really pretty, but unfortunately it fit me like this...

So I knit another!

And I still love it and the yarn is wonderful and soft and squooshy. But now I need to find someone to adopt the first hat and give it a loving home. Anyone out there have a slightly larger than normal head (or whopping loads of hair) and love the color olive green? I'm thinkin' women only, its a bit twee for the menfolk! Did I mention how squooshy it was?

And speaking of guestimating sizes, here's the result of trying to cram a large log into a small wood stove. Yep, that's an exposed burning log hanging out into my living room. Good thing the fire was hot and it burned it down to a feasible size in minutes flat.

And one more noggin: the cheese covered, noodle bespattered, perfectly round one of my Tankster.

And while home these days I have been volunteering with the Obama campaign, which means calling registered dems and independents. Its a bit scary for me to phone total strangers, but it hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought it could be. I try not to call during dinner hours and am achingly polite, and for the most part almost everyone else has been polite too. I don't think I've changed anyone's mind, but I have given lots of good general voting info, such as "yes, independents can vote in this year's California Democratic primary." And "yes, it is too late to get a absentee ballot, but if you can make it to the parking lot an attendant can come out and you can vote from your car."

I know very well that he might not win, but as of today we have about a 50-50 chance! But it feels good to be involved in the political process, and be backing a candidate that I actually feel good about. It has taken a while to revive any political hope at after the last (zillion?) years of election fiascos. We have less than a week until the (horrendously named) Super Duper Tuesday. So at least this part is relatively quick.

Wishing y'all warm hats, cracklin' fires, cheesy babies and political hope.


cheesefairy said...

I have a gigantic head. And I like your hat a whole lot.

I also like your new blog colours. Very purty.

Anonymous said...

The hat would look much better if ya could muster a SMILE, even a little one! But with a one month cold...I understand! Nice wood stove, it seems to have an appetite bigger than its stomach. And thanx for the Tankster photos, I print them out and send them to Aunt Sue in the recovery hospital...Love, Dad

Kathleen said...

i have a big head, too. but cheesefairy got here first.
i do love your craftiness, cousin.
as a matter of fact, i have started to knit! i am taking it slowly...for some reason i keep picking up stitches as i my practice piece is very odd looking...

good on ya for backing up obama! you are doing a good thing.

much love to you. liam is rockin' the flame-sweater a lot. people drool over it and ask where i got it.
: D

xo c.k.

cheesefairy said...

ps: I did send you an email to the address listed in my blog comments...did you get it? If not I can be reached at torturedpotato AT gmail DOT com

Robert said...

Lovely hat, lovely wry almost smile, lovely baby, lovely blog, lovely pro-active campainging! Lovely!