Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm Neck Deep In It Now!

It seems that lately I am a Wednesday night/ Thursday morning blog poster. And looky there, its Wednesday night. So tonight I have to bring up the fact that back on January 22nd I missed the Blog for Choice Day. (I also missed National Pie Day, but that's another subject all together.) The reason that I'm mentioning the BfCD now is that this year's subject was political in nature: "Why is it important to vote Pro-Choice?"

Sigh, so it seems that everything is political in nature these days. I'm arguing with my sister over the IM about politics, I'm arguing with my dad over email about politics, and I'm betting on what seems to be the losing horse (again) in the latest political race. Unfortunately I am one of those people who can be rather cranky when people don't hold the same political view that I do. Or actually even crankier when the just can't make up their minds, like my neighbor. (This is what the internet is for folks! Pop on, read about the issues, watch a debate, and figure it out, fer heaven's sake!) But I digress. I really do try to remain neutral. I do, but alas...

So to put this puppy to bed (and to mix some metaphors) I am doing an all politics post. And this is why: I really think Obama would be a better leader than Hillary. They both hit similar points on my hot button issues of the environment and pro-choiceism, but the devil seems to be in the details. So here it is in bullet form, Suzie's Incomplete and Cranky List of Why Obama Rules:

- He is polite. Unfortunately I have seen some clips from Hillary's speeches where she tried to make snarky jokes, and they just come out awkward and mean. As president that could spell international incident.
- He is well reasoned. For example, in the last debate and during the issue of driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, his final comment that it could prevent hit and run accidents by those avoiding deportation, well that clinched it.
- He does not have Bill Clinton making a fool of himself on his behalf.
- Hillary's stint as First Lady does not qualify as political experience.
- He will not force you to buy healthcare, just facilitate it.
- He does not have a large part of the electorate that already hates him.
- He did not vote to support the war in Iraq.
- He supports universal voluntary public service.
- He is not as divisive as Hillary.

I am not naive, I know that it is nearly impossible to get anything done in Washington, even as president. I know that ours is a paralyzing system of checks and balances. (Unfortunately that only works with those conscientious enough to follow the laws, unlike our last administration.) I know there are some people who will not vote for Obama because of his skin color. I also know there are some who won't vote for Hillary because she's a woman. They are not reasonable. I cannot address their issues.

But I can address a candidate who would like to unite our country, not divide us into separate red and blue country states. He is diplomatic and even occasionally willing to compromise on the wording of things when it does not affect the outcome. And you know what, Hillary's voice bugs the frack out of me. That is all. Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Well said! oh and he has genuine irish ancestors too! that is yet another plus. Go O'Bama!!!


Robert said...

I was John Edwards man, and I was sorry to see him go. I agree with all your points except that Obama isn't as divisive as Hillary. For the same reasons you mention bu tdo not address, our country is made up of plenty of people that will hate and fight Obama on a near instinctual level.

For my money, and for my vote, Im all for Obama at this point as well. I think that in general, hillary just feels "slimed" by the political process, and Obama still has his "Mr Smith goes to Washignton" feel about him. If experience could be proven to have a direct correlation to performance, than it would be an issue, but I could point to numerous presidents that have had more experience, but disasturous terms in office.

Also, I can barely read the black on red....sorry love!

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear. Preaching to the choir with this pal-o-yours, but I'm still choosing to remain optimistic with regard to his electability and chances of being nominated. Interesting things happening in this race which raise my little hackles as well tho, such as the potential disenfranchisement of independent voters in Los Angeles county (may be a different county, don't quote me) whose nominee votes are being NOT counted due to not checking a little box up top, of course majority o these folks voting for Obama.
I know I voted for him.
Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Romblestonia said...

yes, yes, yes. I see the college kids outside the metro holding Obama signs, and think how wonderful it is that he's got so many people involved in the process. I'm trying to be optimistic and not cynical about the whole thing..we vote on Tuesday!!
(umm...I have to agree about the red. Sorry. Beautiful color. But painful.)

Anonymous said...

Dear Brave Blogger of my heart,
Its good to read SOMEONE that is not afraid to do politics! Well, we haven't argued at all, really, about politics, I just sent you one email raising a few points that you graciously addressed in your blog, thank you very much. I don't disagree that this country needs a great deal of change, since the soon-to-be 8 years of Cheney and Rumsfeld have left us on life support, especially overseas. And yes, due to that bush fellow that can't read. Rob makes a good point, maybe experience won't help much, and since neither Democrat has much of that, how do you chose? Hopefully, not because of her voice!!!