Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Experiments In Communal Living

Hi there folks! (Folk? Is there more than one of you? Have I lost all of you in my neglectful absence?) We have been off galavanting around the state for a bit, up to South Lake Tahoe, out to Kirkwood ski resort and back home again. We made the trip extra exciting by driving during a huge rain/snow storm last Saturday. But it was all worth it because the friends we stayed with Saturday night had already hired a babysitter for their kids for Sunday morning (who was kind enough to accept one more) and we all got freshies (um Dad, getting freshies means skiing in fresh powdery snow...) at Heavenly until our little legs could take no more. (Which honestly was about three hours, but a very fun three hours!)

Then the Tank Family continued on to our fancy resort condo for a two night stay with another wee sporty family. Their daughter is only two months older than the Tankster, and they got along great! We took turns watching the kiddos and skiing for the next two days, enjoying lovely snow and perfect weather. It was kind of neat having four parents and two kids around. One couple could cook dinner, while the other two kid wrangled. One person could bathe both tots while the other three cleaned up from dinner, showered, or even read a book! Aside from the other tot having a terrible cold (that I hope we do not get) and not sleeping much during the three days it was perfect!

Flash through the trip home, the hurried unpack, the even more hurried rush out the door this morning, and a long day at the office, and we arrive at our third experiment in family dynamics. A close friend of ours just had her second child 6 weeks ago. For the first time since the birth her husband had to be away for two nights. I called on my way out the door from work to see if she needed anything from town. Turned out what she needed most was to get out of the house. So we all converged on our post-trip-disaster of a house. Chaos! But honestly it was giggling rollicking chaos!

Tank Boy and Train Boy had so much fun running around, bonking into each other and bouncing off the walls. The noise level was a notch or two above the regular din here at the Hoop Ranch, but it would have been criminal to squelch their fun! The new wee one was alert and cooing and scrumptiously sweet...

So the burning (and itching, can you feel it itching?) question that comes about from all of these recent experiences is this: To procreate, or not to procreate? I have heretofore been convinced that one tot was plenty for me, why would I need to make it harder on myself? But that rusty door that I thought I had sealed shut long ago is creaking open to the idea of the possibility of the potential of possibly having another kid in our lives. And I can't even believe that I'm saying that! Do you remember how miserable I was during the first six, no maybe nine, no maybe 12 months of Tankster's existence? The no sleep the sore boobies, the vulva of mashed potato! What am I thinking?

Or better yet, what are you thinking? Environmentalism, zero population growth, adoption, siblings, rivalry, heck have a whole hockey team? Lets hear it!


Anonymous said...

WOW! If this mish mash of very important ideas doesn't get some responses, then everyone must be waaaaayyyy too busy. Dad thought freshies was some kind of ice cream special, or a very veggie breakfast, thanx for the aside to help me out! And the pics area great, the one of Tankster and his "girlfriend" reminds me of one that is on my wall here of Rollins and his girl at the beach! And helping your friend with 2 kids and a temporarily absent husband reminds me of several times in Germany when we visited other Air Force families with the same rollicking good times, which necessitated ear surgury afterwards. Plus you and your sister did a good bit of that yourselves in our home in Oberjosbach. As for procreation, and all the increased costs including college and probably helping them when they want to buy their own Hoop Ranch, think of your 38 years of biological age (I know in your heart you are only 21!) Get a good consult with doctors about the increased possibilities of birth defects, like Downs, before any final decision. Another Tankster (or Tankstress) would be a lovely addition to the world, but I am a bit leery (or is that Leary?) of your age. As I have said many times, Mother Nature is a bitch...

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Hey Suzie,
I think another little baby to love would be great!!! You are young, healthy and in great shape. Also, I think Jackson would be lucky
to have a little brother or sister. Kids are great. They are all
different. (as you know)
I do not regret having any of my 4...and look at the beautiful,
witty grandchildren. And with handsome brilliant Lee as a daddy and you as a beautiful (model) brilliant mom, you can't go wrong. Whatever you decide, you have my full support and any advice that you care to ask for.
Much love to you, Lee and Jackson..


Robert said...

Vulva of mashed potato? What the helen of Troy are you talking about....yikesss!!!

Its a huge decision, and one that your sister and I are talking about as well. Based on our strategy of "benevolent neglect" with our gardening, we are just going to go ahead and not use birth control after the doctor tells us it would be alright to do so. If we have another, we do, if not, its all good.

Having Millie is great, havign another baby would be wonderful as well, but having more than one child is not for everyone, and i am not sure it is for me and the goodley either. I have no advice in this matter, but i do have a sympathetic and nigh-always available ear for you.

Romblestonia said...

mmmmm....the BIG question, especially as everyone around me is working on #2. I'm fond of adoption as a concept...but I keep telling everyone my boy needs to be speaking in complete sentences before I even contemplate another one. Ya'll are doing such an amazing job, though, #2 would be a lucky kid.
WHY do we not live in CA anymore???
I miss the Sierras!

Kathleen said...

as far as age goes, you'd be fine! i was 41 when i had you could have 2 more! : D

i struggle with this decision, too.

environmentally i think we need to be aware of our carbon footprint and the impact we make on the earth...however, for you and lee to bring two greensters into this world, i can't help but think we'd all be a bit better of because of it.

adoption. wouldn't hurt to look into. or maybe that could be #3!

i think you should do what is in your heart. you know what is right for you.

also. i if you have another, i have a really cute sweater that i'll be saving and i can hand it down! ; )

love to you and your two men from me and my two men. xo c.k.