Monday, October 26, 2009

Tasty Autumn With A Hint Of Spring

Due to an unusually forceful and prolonged rainstorm here a week or so ago things have, again, taken on the rosy tones of Shangri-La. The fall colors are coloring, but the air is clean, crisp, and dust free. The waterfalls are flowing again and the grass is growing. The past two weekend have been painfully pleasant, that aching sweetness that only fall can conjure.

If you're wondering why this entry is filled with so many fantastic pics, its because they were all taken by the Hubsand. He got a new camera, and is up to his old (and fabulous) tricks!

I'm still working away on the dinosaur/dragon costume, here's the latest addition, scary claw fingerless mitts! (Note the lack of flair in the pic, it was taken by me...)

The Women's Thursday Evening Climbing Club has come to a halt for the season, that pesky darkness just kept interfering. It has, however been moved to the Friday Day Women's Climbing Club for all those who are interested! Last week a gal and I did the (CLASSIC) Nutcracker. I led all 5 pitches (yay me!) and was WORKED by the end of the day! Today is the first day I got out of bed without creaking!

And yet again the world reminds me why I love the savoriest of the seasons. I keep reminding my self to breathe, absorb, and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

What a very full life you all are leading! Good. Thank you Lee for the fine pics to add to our collection. I went to the site for Nutcracker and read I ever want to know what "delicate smearing" is????

Anonymous said...

yeah... you've got friends... lots of 'em. We too had a beeutiful spring weekend ... tho at the moment the wind is a howlin' and the snow is a fallin' .... I hope winter isn't here yet!
xo MB

Kathleen said...

yay to new cameras, lovely portraits, gorgeous babies, kickass-crafty cousins, and fall.
this is my favorite time of year, too. so much goodness.

we miss you. kiss your beautiful boys for me.

xo kathleen