Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Damn Gnomes

Yes I finally found my card-plug-in-reader dohickey! I swear I looked there a million times, so the gnomes must have tired of messin' with my mind and finally returned it to my dresser.

But alas, now I'm looking at the pictures and they are sadly out of date:

Sunny the Sunflower here has grown at least another 10 inches! Yay! He still has that odd hitch in his giddyup there, but is actually budding for what might be a real live flower! Go Sunny!

And the Hubsand's handknit sweater sleeves have actually grown from this size by a significant number of inches as well. Go Suzie! (They also might have an odd hitch in their giddyup too, but I'll just ignore that for now and blithely knit on...)

And speaking of giddying up...

...despite the fact that my precious wee one here has a distended bowel that is pressing on his bladder, decreasing his bladder capacity to half its normal size, and now has to be on laxatives for the next four months, he's been displaying his normal aptitude for new sporting events.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff! Your Sunny hitch was duplicated by my tomato plant in the topsy turvy upside down thingy, and it died! The curve got so extreme that no fluid went to the rest of the plant...so much for all those "giant, free" tomatoes. And what is the fate of Cher? And we will all pray for a quick un-distended bowel for the Tank...he is wonderful, ambitious AND well balanced! And the same goes for you and LEE!!