Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You Can't See The Pain In Photos!

Tank Boy was walking around with his shirt like this:

And promptly walked into a chair and gave himself a right-eye shiner:

Which of course never looks noticeable in photos, but the clerk at the market could sure tell. Hubsand thinks its hilarious to pretend that he knocked him around. Yours truly, the old stick in the mud, does not find the humor in this...

But what I do think is funny is the whole goofy shoe thing... Yup, I tried them, but see that pinky toe there that is about a half an inch shorter than the other toes? Mine aren't. I lasted about 15 minutes. Back to Amazon with you, you pinky torturers!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Really, the mind-your-business police wouldn't even try and start an investigation into child abuse with that shiner, unless it gets black and blue later. Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt though...give him a kiss to make it better for me! Funny how boys have to learn some things the hard way. Nice feet, looks like you inherited your Dad's size, just kidding! And what did happen to Cher...we are all holding our collective breathe in hopes that it did not pass...without much hope.

Dad, still stuck in weather from hell