Monday, January 24, 2005

And I call her Rita...

This is the new hero of my world!

Thanks to her bright cheery redness, textured surface, 1.89 liter capacity (and the high specific heat of the water she holds) Rita has allowed me to OPEN THE VALVES on the cisterns! Yay! We are ready to LET THE MELTING BEGIN! Now if only the ambient air temperature would rise above freezing, we'd be in business.

I have to add that I am finding Rita to be quite good company as well. In the car on the way home after melting out the valves I had her nestled in my lap (don't read too much into this, okay?) and I was warm as toast. And since my back is feeling creaky due to playing in my FIRST EVER ICE HOCKEY GAME last night (subtle segue) Rita is proving just how indispensable she really is. Match made in heaven, really. Or Target actually. Same diff.

So back to that hockey reference. We won! Yay!


Kathleen said...

congrats on the win! and congrats on the flow! : )

Talley said...

Target? Heaven? Target? Heaven? I just can't decide!

Congratulations on the game!